Simplified Employee Relocation Programs

Welcome to Bosson Consulting

Yvonne Bosson is an independent consultant d/b/a Bosson Consulting who
provides expertise with corporate global employee mobility programs. Yvonne Bosson has almost two decades of expertise, which is a combination of professional experience in both corporate mobility roles and relocation services consulting.  This unique and comprehensive experience, along with the guarantee of services provided, clearly differentiates Bosson Consulting! 


Sourcing and Procuring Relocation Services

Compliance Services

  • audit suppliers to ensure compliance with scope of contract
    including both services delivered and fees charged
  • conduct gap analysis / process review(s) and suggest improvements
    needed for increased operational efficiencies

Policy Consulting Services

  • develop/revise employee relocation policies including (but not limited to):
    • domestic relocations both internal transfers and new hires
    • international assignments (short-term, expatriate, localizations)
    • international relocations (payroll transfers, one-way transfers, international new hires) 
    • tax policies (flat rate assistance, gross-up, equalization, protection)
  • benchmark policies for competitiveness with industry peers and alignment with business strategies